Local Clothing Brand Spotlight (02/22)

Florida has no limits to the amount of creativity and original content that comes out of it daily, a perfect example of such comes from a local custom clothing brand named " Y.bl333ach " (@y_bl3ach) on IG. A creative and independently owned brand that aims to bring original ideas from the customers directly to life with bleach dyed clothing. Incorporating patience and execution to deliver the best possible piece of custom 1 of 1 clothing for every order made from hand, ensuring the originality and uniqueness for every piece made. Popular with local Florida artists due to the ability to make custom art on clothing material that helps those stand out from the rest of the crowd, it's without a doubt a must cop for any Florida local artist. F.2.D.G. gained it's roots and early building block thanks to the artwork and clothing designed by Y.bl333ach for Flex Loaiza. Follow and order custom clothing on IG via @y_bl3ach and @bennystingz

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