Local Record Label Spotlight (02/22)

New record labels come and go often in strides and phases, but one new comer is determined to turn heads and gain recognition for the hard work being done behind the scenes. Cultivate Culture (CLTV8) is a new record label based in sunny south Florida that specializes in producing beats, publishing songs, releasing merchandise and promoting there signed talent. CLTV8 might be the new kid on the block, but they've wasted no time in gathering a fanbase while releasing two albums and clothing for fans to collect. Signed to CLTV8 are Drew M. and Mr. Chri, who bring different styles and flavors to the label while sharing similar ideas and motivation. Music released from CLTV8 record label are available to stream on all music platforms. Be on the lookout for a huge year bringing in new music, videos and merch drops after bringing a lot to the table in 2021. You can keep up with all CLTV8 info on instagram via @cltv8culturerecordings and @cltv8cultureclothing for all merch drops. Follow Drew M. (@drew_cltv8culture) and Mr. Chri (@mr.chri) on IG.

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